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A youth-led project using technology to innovate climate solutions

Equipping people with plastic-fighting resources to reduce pollution and spread plastic-awareness worldwide. 

With the Right Tools, Great Things Can Happen

The Plastic Project is a student led project started near Seattle, Washington. We aim to tackle plastic pollution by equipping communities with plastic fighting resources through our web app, mobile app, and social media, enabling people to reduce waste and promote plastic awareness. These apps will spread eco-friendly resources and also act as a platform for multiple innovative environmental projects for people to engage with.


What We Offer

A platform

Our app is available on Android, IOS, and on the web, so you can stay eco-friendly no matter the place or the time. We also have a web portal that serves the same purpose. These platforms include resources on eco-friendly opportunities, blog posts, and are used to deploy our innovative climate-focused projects!

Technology-based solutions

Our apps are used to deploy and fund multiple innovative projects.  Our first project will be a computer-vision system that users can use to separate types of waste with a photo input. For future pojects, our team plans to use computational modeling to track microplastic movement and engineer a device used to recycle used 3D printer filament material.

Join the team

We offer volunteering roles for anyone -- whether you're a skilled developer, talented writer, or you just craft an excellent email -- theres a spot for you on the team.

There are two categories for volunteering: platform, and projects. Platform volunteers work on the app and website and create content. Project volunteers will work on innovative climate-focused projects.

Support the Plastic Project

Donating, joining our discord, or following our social media accounts are great ways to support the Plastic Project and reduce plastic pollution!

Check out some of the following links for ways to support us:

Reduce waste in your daily life by getting involved today.

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